Your Mobile Workforce Management Solution Specialists

For the team at Telecetera, mobile IT is a lifelong passion.

When we released our first IT solution 25 years ago, mobile phones were still a novelty; they certainly didn’t fit in your pocket!

Our depth of experience sets us apart from the competition, giving us an intuitive grasp of the ways that mobile field service software can be used to improve performance right across your organisation.

Once you’ve introduced a mobile workforce solution it will quickly become a critical part of how your organisation operates

Connect is technically robust, well proven and it works.

Our Values

Throughout our history, the Telecetera team has stayed true to the values on which the company was founded.

We believe in answering our own phones.  All of our software engineers talk to customers regularly, so that they understand how the software is used in the field. The team takes great pride in the way they stay focussed on a product that your teams will get benefits from.

Professional Service

IT does not work in isolation. Your process is the key to a successful implementation. Part of our service is to understand your requirements and help you set up Connect so it works for you and supports your operation.

Value for money

We helped Sean save £40K in the first year by reducing travel. How can IT help you to provide value for money and support your business now and in the future? Invest in a solution that can adapt to your business needs and your customers’ requirements.


 So here is our development team getting to grips with the real world – and doing a  Stock take together with our customer. It’s very easy to sit in a nice office and design software. But it’s out in the field that it really has to work!