Top 10 Benefits of going mobile



    1. Giving you visibility and control of mobile operations – real time. You know who is – or should be – doing what. You will also see where they are and what the outcomes of all jobs were, as seen here.
    2. Improved organisation efficiency.
      • Time – reduced lead times and job duration.
      • Money – increased profits and cash flow, reduced capital resources and overheads,
      • Resources – greater utilisation of workforce potential such as time, location, skill set and equipment.
    3. Increased customer satisfaction and retention.
    4. More effective performance improvement. Transparency and immediacy of data drives positive organisational change and leads to quicker more effective (evidence based) performance improvement processes.
    5. Greater consistency of service.
    6. Reduced errors. Minimise incomplete information on jobs and regulation specific documentation.
    7. Greater employee satisfaction and safety. Increased confidence for your teams. They can prove what they have done and what the outcome was.
    8. Reduced training time and costs for new mobile employees.
    9. Job information. All information is real time and validated and the team can easily respond to queries.
    10. Business wide integration. The ability to integrate information with other business systems in real time has real potential to create a powerful solution for the business.


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