Extended Job History

Everything you need to know about every client, right in your hand

Extended job history

Connect’s Extended Job History feature gives your mobile staff all the information and background they need to be fully briefed and prepared for every appointment. Instant access to up to 24 months’ service history and supporting images and documents means your workforce knows exactly what to expect and what to do. So they can get straight on with the job.

Extended History shows you the order and service record for each client or location, with details of who handled previous work and any problems or issues they encountered. This maximises the value of your people’s time on site and increases their ability to respond to queries.

Comprehensive, on-the-spot knowledge boosts productivity and standards of customer service to enhance your effectiveness and reputation.

It’s great for the operatives to be able to look back and see all that has happened on site on previous jobs. It saves so much time  since they don’t have to call the office. Much bettter to have the information straight away. And it improves the customer service.”

Jo Harrison, Logistic Manager, Severn Vale Housing

Key benefits
  • Gives staff all the information they need, when and where they need it most
  • Reduces the need for timewasting and costly repeat visits and calls back to base
  • Saves time on site, and money on administration and non-productive work
  • Helps to reduce health and safety risks for staff
  • Is easy to set up and configure for any mix of individuals and groups
  • Makes best use of your staff members’ time, skills and customer relationships
  • Builds an archive of reliable business intelligence to support future success.


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