Job list views:

In connect there are lots of ways for you to see your jobs with various filters available to use as can be seen below.

Each of these views are self-explanatory, this blog will walk through some of them and show what they can provide.

Unscheduled Jobs

This shows all of the jobs that are currently unscheduled and lists them. This allows you to easily go through and schedule any jobs that are yet to be scheduled and assigned to a member of staff.

Entered Today & Done Today

These show any jobs that have been entered or completed on the current day as can be seen below.


This shows any jobs that have been escalated, for example if a job was more complex than first expected and therefor requires a more senior engineer it will be escalated to them.


This will list any jobs that are currently overdue from the date that was initially set as the due date.

Sorted by user

Here you have the ability to show the list by user (by jobs that have been assigned and jobs that have been completed by each user).

Sorted by variables

Here you can sort the jobs by various variables, such as; the job types, status, flags and tags (for more information on tags and flags see Tip of the month #4) and jobs without a target date.


Here is the remaining sorting filters where you can see recently updated jobs, cancelled jobs, jobs that have had sync issues and jobs that have been successfully exported.

Interested in Connect’s various job list views?

In summary, ConnectManager is a simple and effective scheduling tool.

If the above features are close to what you are looking for, please contact us so we can find out more about your end to end processes and your requirements.  When we have confirmed your needs we can arrange an online demonstration. In the meantime visit our socials, Twitter & LinkedIn.