Mobile Scheduling

Real-time, on the spot Diary and Appointment control

Mobile Scheduling

Connect Mobile Scheduling puts your mobile workforce in total and instant control of their time and business commitments. Staff can fix, change or cancel appointments to make best use of their working hours and deal quickly and efficiently with unexpected changes or opportunities.

Whatever your people in the field decide and schedule, your office team automatically see in real time on Connect Manager, enabling you to keep right up to date with the big picture.

Quick to set up and simple to use, you can configure Mobile Scheduling for any combination of individuals or groups to control who has access to this new-found freedom and how they use it.

Comprehensive, on-the-spot knowledge boosts productivity and standards of customer service to enhance your effectiveness and reputation.

Key benefits
  • Saves time – fix appointments with customers there and then
  • Saves money – reduces administration work and non-productive time
  • Dispenses with paper-based job sheets and notes
  • Improves flexibility, responsiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Makes out-of-hours jobs easier to manage
  • Removes the need for separate calendars and office contact
  • Speeds up job completions and invoicing
  • Suits all types of staff and teams – from sales reps to surveyors.

Extended Job History

Everything you need to know about every client, right in your hand

Extended job history

Connect’s Extended Job History feature gives your mobile staff all the information and background they need to be fully briefed and prepared for every appointment. Instant access to up to 24 months’ service history and supporting images and documents means your workforce knows exactly what to expect and what to do. So they can get straight on with the job.

Extended History shows you the order and service record for each client or location, with details of who handled previous work and any problems or issues they encountered. This maximises the value of your people’s time on site and increases their ability to respond to queries.

Comprehensive, on-the-spot knowledge boosts productivity and standards of customer service to enhance your effectiveness and reputation.

It’s great for the operatives to be able to look back and see all that has happened on site on previous jobs. It saves so much time  since they don’t have to call the office. Much bettter to have the information straight away. And it improves the customer service.”

Jo Harrison, Logistic Manager, Severn Vale Housing

Key benefits
  • Gives staff all the information they need, when and where they need it most
  • Reduces the need for timewasting and costly repeat visits and calls back to base
  • Saves time on site, and money on administration and non-productive work
  • Helps to reduce health and safety risks for staff
  • Is easy to set up and configure for any mix of individuals and groups
  • Makes best use of your staff members’ time, skills and customer relationships
  • Builds an archive of reliable business intelligence to support future success.


Electrical testing and compliance.

How to work smarter.

Electrical testing
The team at CBH – from left: Karen Langridge, Emma Wall and Shane Danson

We meet in one of the offices at the depot at Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH) to go through the latest development to making CBH even more efficient, the introduction of Connect Servicing for Electrical testing.

It’s as usual a busy day for the team and we are discussing compliance. A major topic for any landlord in 2018.

They are also happy because they have worked out that CBH will saving close to £13K per year with the new Servicing module.

What made you decide to go digital for the EICRS?

“I have been asking for years to get the periodics digitised because I could see how much time it would save us. I am aware of other systems but I wanted to use Connect because it’s a really flawless solution. So easy to use.”

Shane Danson is the Electrical & Mechanical Supervisor in charge of all the electrical testing at CBH.

“We had so much paperwork to manage that I actually felt like drowning. It even put me off having Temps in to cover. Now if I need to use a temp I just give them Connect and they are out on the road straight away.”

From the start CBH has impressed me with their focus on process mapping and their project management. This has fitted in really well with our approach to system implementation and the configurability of Connect

CBH went live with the Service module in Connect and now all Electrical tests are managed through the system from the making the appointment with customer through to completing the EICR in Connect and the issuing of the certificate. So no more scanning of paperwork or problems with storing the info – all easily accessible in Connect.

 How important is Compliance for you in 2018?

“This will be huge in the sector, especially after Grenfell” says Emma Wall, Head of Building Services. “In the past all the focus has been on Gas safety since that is a legal requirement. The EICR scheduling and mobile working system has enabled improvements in workforce management, day to day, void and periodic repair processes and most significantly our ability to provide accurate data and an auditable trail in relation to health and safety, compliance, performance and complaints. Electrical is British Standard – but I feel it is incredibly important that we look at all aspects of compliance. I can confidently say that today we are 100% compliant. Reporting will be very important for us.”

How important is the IT team for making decisions?

“The team identifies what they need and my role is to make that happen” Paul Slater, IT Analyst, is always available to listen attend meetings and to talk to the team. “IT is not ‘top down’ at CBH. Our role is to support the Operational teams and make sure that what the teams want to achieve is possible and that the systems are in place. So we fully support the Service module”“

What are the main benefits of the Connect Service module for you?

Karen Langridge is Logistics Manager and in charge of the process mapping of projects to ensure that benefits can be clearly identified.
“It’s the basic things that really make a difference to the process. We no longer have to go into the letters and type them up. There is a direct link to the certificates in Connect so no scanning or having to manage the certificates manually. We also have more control since the data from previous EICR test will be prefilled for the next test.

So what about the outcomes?

CBH – as usual- keep a close eye on efficiencies and Karen has helped by putting some outcomes.
The qualitative outcomes are considered to be:

  • Less manual data entry
  • Accuracy of data
  • Visibility of data for other Connect users
  • Automated letter production
  • Accuracy of programming properties
  • Pre filled data available from previous EICR tests
  • Control between completed EICRs and associated certification
  • Automated data management for electrical certificates


Connect Works

Does your Workforce Management system work out here?

Connect Works

Connect works.

Connect works because connectivity is one of the most important factors for the success of your mobile teams.

As there is increasing pressure on the network with the streaming of videos etc. the mobile network can be patchy in the UK, sometimes non-existent.

Apparently many workforce managemnt systems can’t cope with this; dropping  jobsheets, invoices and orders if they can’t get connected.

Connect functions offline, flawlessy. Photos, sketches, job info. All is safe and Connect will send it, automatically, when back in range or when connecting to WiFi

Using Android devices helsp to keep all your job info secure in the field. With Comnect you will never lose data.

So to avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend that you get a mobile solution from a specialist.

Up-to-date, comprehensive compliance information,.

All in one place.


Irusha Hewawasamge i Health and Business Safety Advisor, at Severn Vale Housing.

He is really keen to make sure that the workplace is safe and has helped us develop the Document Library in Connect:

“Our company has 40 vans out on the road, so keeping them all up to date with Health & Safety documents is a real challenge.

I thought that there must be a different and better way to mange this. The new Connect Document Library will make things much easier.”

So what does it do?

Connect’s Document Library gives your mobile teams instant and unlimited access to the latest manuals, risk assessments and method statements to help them do their jobs the right way, right first time.

In situations where legal and safety compliance really matters, you need to be sure that staff have all the relevant facts and guidance right at their fingertips, but without the cost and hassle of issuing and updating bulky hard copies.

Document Library allows you to build up a bespoke resource of practical information to match the profile of your team’s work. It’s secure and accessible, and updates every user automatically with every change or addition in real time, to ensure you’re aware of and can meet every requirement.

H & S on the road

  • Saves time and money  – no more printed manuals!
  • Avoids the risk of staff working to obsolete or out-of-date instructions
  • Safeguards health, safety and wellbeing for staff and customerst
  • Handles all sorts of formats – Word, Excel, pdf, drawings and photos