The map within ConnectManager is incredibly powerful with the ability to easily see who is where as well as where they are going with what route all within a single easy to use interface.

Current location

As to see the current location of staff you should select “Latest” from the controls on the left.

This will show you the location that they were last seen by the Connect system.

This can be used as to ensure that staff are working when they should be, also you are able to monitor whether workers are on track to each of their jobs so that later jobs can be adjusted accordingly.

Location of jobs

By selecting “Jobs” you can display the location of currently assigned jobs for the selected user.

This will then display a pinpoint with the title of the location on the map so that you are able to easily view and compare multiple locations at a single time.

Route for current job

You can select “Route” and the map will display the route for the worker to take for the most time efficiency for that day.




The “Home” button will display the location of the home of the selected worker.

This can be incredibly useful when you are scheduling work because you can select jobs that are closer to the home of the worker to start/end therefor increasing overall efficiency.

Date and worker selection

Using the panel on the left you can select the specific worker that you would like to display information for, as well as the date thus providing an easy to use yet powerful tool for managing and monitoring your mobile workforce.

Interested in Connect’s map?

In summary, ConnectManager is a simple and effective scheduling tool.

If the above features are close to what you are looking for, please contact us so we can find out more about your end to end processes and your requirements.  When we have confirmed your needs we can arrange an online demonstration. In the meantime visit our socials, Twitter & LinkedIn.