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Intelligent Scheduling; take control!

  • Intelligent scheduling

  • Optimised Routing

  • Easy access to Google Maps

  • Track all Routes

  • SMART Scheduling

  • Auto Scheduling for Contracts

With Connect you have a choice:

Connect Intelligent Scheduling lets you select the best team to send to site – with the help of the map, skillsets and job description in one easy to use Scheduler.

Connect SMART Scheduling takes the strain out of everyday job management. Simply let Connect find the most efficient slot for your appointments, based on job description, skillsets and location.

Connect Auto Scheduling  is a very efficient way to run Contracts. Connect will capacity plan based on your  maintenance schedules.

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Connect Intelligent Scheduling puts you in total control of jobs and teams, making sure that you meet business commitments and service requirements.

You no longer have to rely on complex spreadsheets, Outlook diaries or simply trying to find the best fit with a map.

Connect will help you get the right team with the correct skills and materials, at the agreed time to the appointment .

Cut down on travel and let Connect help you send the team who is closest to the job. It will also work out the best route; saving you time and money.

Staff can fix, change or cancel appointments to make best use of the working hours and deal quickly and efficiently with unexpected changes or opportunities.


Connect benefits

  • Speeds up scheduling
  • Boosts productivity
  • Cuts down on travel
  • Reduces fuel cost
  • Reports results realtime
  • Promotes agile working
  • Improves cashflow


  • Easy to use Scheduler
  • Drag & drop Diary
  • Supports capacity planning
  • Instant access to Google Maps
  • Monitors engineers’ location, realtime
  • Calculates travel time
  • Recommends best route
  • Displays traffic layers