Connect Vanstock management

Visibility and control of costs

Connect Vanstock module allows your field teams to reprort on all stock used form the van. It creates  automated replenshiment notfications , giving you control fo all stock

A lot of organisations have a problem to keep control of what is stored on the vans; this is a problem both for the organisation – and for the supplier.

Regular stock takes are cumbersome; – and costly. You need to take the teams off the road – so no revenue.

All stock has to come out of the van and be counted – and of course in order for it to be efficient – you really should stock take twice a year.

With Connect Vanstock Management  it’s easy  to control the whole process.

Easily record and control products & materials used against  jobs

Manage multiple suppliers and products through Connect

Control costs and replenishments

Easy to use stock takes in Connect

Reduce trips to merchants

Automatically link to supplier through EDI or Email process. It’s your choice!


For  an organisation with 250 vans- that means one stock take for two vans every day. Not really practical. So the vans may drive round all year with stock that isn’t used regularly. More stock on the vans – also means more fuel. It may have to go to the suppler more often – because what you have on the van really doesn’t match what you need don’t the job.

 If you regularly miss out on stock – the job costs will not be correct. How can you correctly cost work for a tender if you are a contractor if you don’t include the materials?

And is stock ordered really used for jobs? How much stock is accidently lost throughout the year.

Connect Enterprise can provide the solution by making it easier to record the use, automating the replenishment of everyday items – and also removing the requirement to have paper orders that are difficult to track.