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The key part of the Connect mobile workforce management solution is ConnectManager.  Firstly, it enables your Managers to create and schedule Jobs with the Smart Scheduler.  Secondly, your Mobile Operatives access Job Details in real-time. Furthermore, it is easy to create and track Customers, Sites, Assets, Jobs, Projects, Vehicles and Operatives. View Job and Operative locations on the real-time Map display, and on the live Dashboard.


All updates immediately synchronise to the Mobile App that Operatives use, which is called ConnectMobile


The Mobile App part of the Connect mobile workforce management solution is called ConnectMobile. This software displays essential Job information to mobile operatives, who can update the job status.  Additionally, they can attach photos of the job and assets, record their time onsite, and raise new Jobs if necessary.


Above all, data updates and synchronises in real-time with the Scheduler tool that Managers and Schedulers use, which is called ConnectManager.

Digitise & Streamline

Simplify your operations by managing multiple Customers and their respective Properties and Sites, reducing or even removing paperwork and spreadsheets.


The product is highly configurable.  Customers can have one or more Administrators, who configure the Connect mobile workforce management solution to support their business processes and data flows.


Some functionality can be turned off, so that it doesn’t clutter the Scheduler tool or the Mobile App.


All functionality is included in the price, which means we have really simple to understand pricing.  End user licences can be used for the ConnectManager or ConnectMobile product.  Some users could be Hybrid, where they use both for example, but do not need to buy two licences.  See Pricing page for packages.

Operational Benefits

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  • Real-time view of all Job Activity
  • Reduce operative travel time & travel costs
  • Improve Scheduling & Routing of Jobs to reduce unnecessary journeys
  • Control your Van Stock and Parts
  • Improve your cash flow – tracks time and costs to Jobs
  • Reduce or even remove your cumbersome spreadsheets
  • Integrate with your Back Office Systems to improve your efficiency
  • Go fully paperless in your organisation
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What you can achieve with Connect

  • Assign jobs across your workforce team – Setup team skills & trades
  • Sync tasks and update across the team – Job data updates in real-time between the Scheduler and the Mobile App
  • Create Customers and add Sites/Properties quickly and easily
  • Simple to use – clean User Interface using modern technologies
  • Run paperless maintenance and service operation – no more forms and spread sheets needed
  • Schedulers shows real-time map of Operative home location/depot, Job locations and current location
  • The Connect mobile workforce management solution runs on Android mobile & Windows tablet devices (iOS version in final testing – call for an update!)

Key Product Features

Intelligent Scheduling feature

Intelligent Scheduler

The powerful and intelligent Job Scheduling engine will help you to get the right operative, with the right skills and materials, at the correct time to the right Property or Site

Routing feature


Working with Google Maps opens up the world! With Connect you can plan your workload to reduce time spent on the road – simply select a number of operatives and a list of Jobs and let AI automatically schedule the Jobs for you!

Contracts feature


Easily manage all your maintenance visits and keep a tight control over your contracts with efficient capacity planning – Links into Routing Feature

Projects feature


Schedule and control complex Jobs in the Projects module. You can group Jobs together and group teams together and keep tight control of costs and Parts and Materials used

Servicing Assets feature

Servicing & Asset Management

If you are currently juggling multiple spreadsheets, struggling to keep all Asset data in sync and Managing Timelines – then Connect will support your needs!

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All Features included

Configure as you like

All Features are included.  If you do not need them, your Admin user(s) can simply go into the Configuration Page and deselect them.


For example, some customers do not need Projects, Assets, Stock or Vehicle/Fleet Management functionality. All of these can be deselected, cleaning up the User Interface and allowing your Schedulers and Operatives to just focus on the Customers, Sites and Jobs that need doing.


Suggest a Feature

Every month our customers raise ideas, suggestions and requests for the product.  We add these into the Product Roadmap and seek input from other customers before implementing.  We sometimes produce a User Interface (UI) mock-up to flesh out the requirements before the Product Development Team build the new feature.  We call this ‘Customer Driven Development’


As long as the suggestion benefits all customers then it is implemented.

If a customer has a requirement specific to them then we can sometimes implement a Custom Feature or Custom API or interface.  We encourage all customers to ask for what they need and then we reconcile this with other customer requirements and the overall Product Backlog.

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