Go paperless and go mobile with
ConnectManager & ConnectMobile


ConnectServer runs in the Cloud and is the hub of the Connect product

ConnectManager allows back-office users to schedule jobs and optimise the work for the mobile operatives

ConnectMobile supports mobile operatives, keeping them up to date, keeping them informed

Together they are Connect.  Together they support hundreds of business people every day.

Key components

Use ConnectManager to schedule and route jobs smarter

With ConnectMobile you can collect all the job info you need for invoicing including photos & sketches

ConnectMobile allows you to control van stock and costs

Protect your teams, include H&S info and the Document Library

Automate time sheets, reduce paperwork and free up Admin time

The ConnectXchange APIs allow integration with your existing systems


How Customers benefit

Facility Management

You can run multiple FM contracts with Asset management.  If you run PPM Contracts and would like improved control of your contracts.  In addition, get better visibility of capacity planning


Simplify your operations. Efficiently handle multiple job types, especially installations, surveys, maintenance, Inspections & Emergencies

All easily managed, tracked and scheduled in ConnectMobile with the help of the map feature


Manage all your customers, teams and jobs through Connect.  Get all the job information back to the office in real time.  Similarly, speed up invoicing and improve your cash flow. Drastically cut the amount of paperwork to reduce pressure on your Admin team

 Social Housing

Social landlords manage repairs, voids, gas certificates, and electrical work through ConnectManager. Includes easy to use intelligent scheduling feature.

Integrates with Housing Management systems including Pyramid, Orchard and ROCC

What Customers say:

Paul Dean at FLRS

Paul Dean

Operations Director, FLR Spectron

“The greatest benefit from my perspective is the improved visibility of the engineering teams which delivers increased efficiency and cost savings throughout the business. The reports we now have access to give us a view of the business we simply couldn’t get previously. Now I can monitor performance daily – and drive improvement across the organisation.”

Mike Craggs at SVHS

Mike Craggs

Asset and Commercial Director,
Severn Vale Housing Society (now Bromford)

“We decided to invest in the Connect Gas servicing module to make efficiencies in our gas servicing process. We are now doing more jobs per day.  Instead of carrying out five, we are now carrying out seven and we are aiming for eight. All the certificates are in an electronic format and all the communication with our customers is tracked. It gives me, as director, a real sense of security for our customers.”

A Mobile Workforce Management solution, customised to meet your business needs

Connect is an easy-to-use, cost-effective mobile workforce management solution that fits your business needs perfectly
Above all, it is fully featured and future proof for a broad range of organisations in terms of size, scope and operational focus

Connect Diary with Map

What all these organisations have in common is the need to take their service to their customers.  In essence, a different place or places each day, and some every day 24/7



The Telecetera team has over 25 years of experience, mainly in the development of efficient enterprise business software solutions and products

The ConnectMobile workforce management software product has been commercially available since 2004.

Therefore, our experience is here to support your business needs



Mobile workforce management software

The ConnectManager and ConnectMobile mobile workforce management software products are customisable.  Each Customer typically has paper or spreadsheet forms and job templates.  We replace these for you in the app.  This is usually included in the ConnectServer price.  If you have several job templates we just charge a daily rate for additional customisation work.

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