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Technical Product Assurance (TPA)

Technical Product Assurance

This service is so much more than just a ‘code audit’.  Building software projects or products that are ‘secure by design’ needs a multidisciplinary team working uniformly over their whole Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).   Commissioning a Technical Product Assurance assessment will assess and almost certainly improve the digital resilience of the end product for your internal users or end user customers.


Our experienced software engineers and cyber security analysts start by looking at the design of the product, the documentation, the processes being followed and the tools being utilised throughout the SDLC.  A full scan of the code base is executed, and the results collated into a presentation and a human readable report.



  • In person presentation of key findings
  • Human readable report containing conclusions, recommendations & remediations
  • Post assessment support activating the recommendations


All the recommendations are justified and detailed, and if necessary our team can support your team implementing and actioning these recommendations.



The goal is to find the best practices that your team are following and reinforce and build on these.  The assessment is a positive experience.  Every team is different and toolsets vary widely.  It is likely that you will learn from us and we will learn from you too.


From start to finish the assessment takes around four weeks and is charged on a Fixed Fee basis.


Our mission is to see software developers evolve into software engineers, building better software through continuously improving engineering practices.


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