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Environmental Initiatives

This page outlines some of the initiatives that we undertake in order to reduce our impact on our wonderful environment.

Our Managing Director is passionate about reducing waste and impacting on our environment.  We only have one planet, which we all share.



Our systems are all cloud based, which means we benefit from economies of scale by sharing our IT infrastructure with 1000s of other cloud users



Our MD travels by train for most appointments. Access to Europe is by Eurostar rather than by flying.



We have no printers, so save on paper, energy, ink, toner, storage of paper and don’t need a shredder, which also takes up space and uses energy.



we proactively recycle any waste, packaging and old IT too. We use ground coffee, paper filters and mugs, which we wash up. Very little waste from our coffee and tea drinking activities 🙂



At the end of each day all power sockets are turned off to desks, which means all docks and monitors are completely powered off. We don’t need much heating as we are in the loft studio at the top of the building.


  1. Reduce waste
  2. Reduce energy consumption
  3. Limit travel and use public transport first and foremost
  4. Encourage supply chain partners to take the initiative too
  5. Educate employees and customers where appropriate

Our wonderful planet

beach with litter

Well it is not actually ‘our’ planet.  The planet was here long before humans and will out live us too.


While we are alive we should strive to use the resources of the planet sparingly and respectfully.


Did you like the photo above?  What did you notice first – the lady, her bright blouse, the waves or the jungle?  Look closer.  Did you notice all the litter on the beach?  This is litter from another land, which has travelled 1000s of miles to their beach.  Not fair is it?


What can you do in your organisation to reduce impact on the environment? We all have a responsibility and duty to do so.

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