Mobile Job App

The ConnectMobile mobile job app allows your team to see the jobs assigned to them fromConnectManager.

Another key point is that the App runs on Android phones and tablet.

It synchronises with the ConnectServer.  If someone schedules a new job, the mobile user will see this appear in their app.

Above all, this simple to use app is used by hundreds of users every day.  Furthermore Customers in the UK, Canada and South Africa are running paperless maintenance and service operations thanks to ConnectMobile.

ConnectMobile mobile job app allows you to go paperless and go mobile.  Get organised and get on the road with this powerful yet simple to use app

“ConnectMobile allows us to record how long a tradesperson spends drilling each day.  This really impressed our recent Health & Safety Auditor.  They were really impressed with how we look after our workforce”

Mo Wright

North Devon Homes


Engaging customer experience so that as an end result, we be CMSable. Leverage below the fold and finally gain traction. Generating bleeding edge and creating actionable insights.

Philip Benson

Brand Expert | Mantell Design

Generating best in class in order to improve overall outcomes. Inform outside the box thinking and finally target the low hanging fruit. Repurose big data and possibly gain traction.

Inez Thornton

Support Staff | Gerwyn Financial

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