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Connect Packages

Field service software pricing that is easy to understand.  We offer three simple pay monthly packages.  This represents fair field service software pricing for customers of any size and sector.


The ‘smart scheduler’ allowing back-office teams to schedule Jobs quickly and efficiently

£45 + VAT (pupm)

What’s included?


For mobile Operatives accessing Job, Asset and Stock information on the move 

£45 + VAT (pupm)

What’s included?

ConnectMobile Kit

Add the latest mobile device hardware to get the job done properly

£70 + VAT (pupm)***

What’s included?

Contact us for the latest Android Mobile devices available in this package


The Backbone of your Connected solution

£9,500 + VAT

What’s included?

* Plus Microsoft Azure hosting starts from £100 per month + VAT and is subject to an acceptable use policy.  E.g. for Customers with high data/storage use, charges will be increased proportionally

Creativity is just connecting things

Steve jobs

Market insights

The property management software market is expanding year on year.  Firstly, this is due to the ongoing ‘digitisation’ of maintenance teams.  Secondly, this is due to the number of software applications and mobile apps that provide APIs.  These APIs are used to integrate several discrete products into one overall digital solution.


As per the quote from Steve Jobs above, organisations are now connecting things more than ever.  Are you a digital only organisation? Take a look at our ConnectManager product or our Software Development services to get on a digitisation pathway.

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