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Using Smart Scheduling | Tip of the Month #3

Using smart scheduling

Smart scheduling allows you to easily schedule jobs for your mobile workforce by providing you with the available members of the workforce within a set timeframe as well as calculate the travel time for the worker from home or their last job.

Firstly, you should create a new job (a guide for this can be seen in the blog below), or you can select an unscheduled job.

Do this by going to Jobs > Lists > Unscheduled Jobs

Then click on the ID next to the job that you would like to schedule.

Then select Actions > Smart Schedule

You are then presented with the smart schedule screen where you are able to set the time frames and sort the available slots for scheduling.

When ready, select the time and click OK.

The job is then put in the schedular.

Interested in smart scheduling?

In summary, ConnectManager is a simple and effective scheduling tool.
If the above features are close to what you are looking for, please contact us so we can find out more about your end to end processes and your requirements.  When we have confirmed your needs we can arrange an online demonstration. In the meantime visit our socials, Twitter & LinkedIn.
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