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Job Management Software: Connect as your solution

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What to expect from Job Management Software?

All Job Management Software solutions will allow users to create, edit and view Jobs.  That is a given.  Furthermore, Job details will be viewable in some kind of Mobile App, allowing mobile operatives and tradies to access Job information on the road.  What differentiates a good solution is the ability and ease that Customers, Sites and Assets can be created and updated.  For this Connect is an ideal contender for you.


Key features you should be looking for include:

  • Intelligent scheduling – assisting the manager with skills match, time availability and travel time
  • Sites and Assets – the ability to create and assign Assets to a Customer site, and to see these clearly on a mobile app too
  • Reporting – the ability to generate reports, which you and your team can use in your weekly planning and review sessions

Connect: your comprehensive job management software solution

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Key Features

ConnectManager, the main scheduling tool of the Connect job tracking software, allows Managers to create Jobs.

The Manager role also enables users to create Customers, Sites, and Assets.  It is then very quick to create Jobs at a Site and to schedule it to an Operative with the right skills and availability.

Read our recent blog article about managing assets in Connect.

Industry trends

Cloud technologies present great opportunities for end users.  A cloud-based job tracking product will provide you with these key benefits:

  • Remove on-premise IT – no more on-prem services to maintain
  • Scalable – the ‘compute’ and ‘storage’ services scale up and down as the users use the software – effectively a ‘pay as you go’ model
  • Resilient – Cloud services, when configured correctly ‘fail over’ to other data centres and regions automatically – when you buy a cloud-based job management software product you are buying resilience by design

This industry report highlights the growth in this global market.

Video of Connect Job tracking solution

The video below is just 2m30s and showcases many of the key features of the Connect job management software.  After watching the video, contact us to arrange a demo of the particular features that your organisation needs to digitise and streamline its operations.

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