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Mobile worker on phone
Mobile worker on phone

Manage your property maintenance team more efficiently, and reduce fuel costs in your business. 

As a manager of a housing association you are incredibly busy and have no doubt gotten rather good at juggling multiple balls all at the same time! How would you like a tool designed to help make your life easier? 

Balancing the demands of your tenants and customers with those of your field based team is certainly a challenge. A challenge made even more tricky without the right systems and processes in place. 

Our team members frequently work with organizations like yours on digital transformation and improving processes. We regularly find teams using inefficient processes and systems that are not fit for purpose. Some organizations are also still working with paper based systems. Our expertise combined with the Connect system will transform your current workflow and provide a significant boost in efficiency. Even if your business is already using a piece of software designed for the purpose, it’s unlikely it fully integrates with the other systems that are vital to your day to day responsibilities. The good news is, Connect does. 

Connect is different. Connect is for you. 

Connect is  designed from the ground up as a solution for organizations that need to manage complex workflows and a field based team. Created with the intention of achieving a handful of important objectives: 

  • Head office: Efficient and fast job planning, with live data 
  • Field team: Required job information at the fingertips and with incredible simplicity 
  • Digital transformation: Remove old fashioned paper trails and provide a fully digital solution 

Connect provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of customization, ensuring it’s a perfect fit for you. With in-built customizable templates through to full development and customization options, our in-house teams can provide a fully customised solution to meet the needs of your business. 

System Integration 

The systems you already use in your organization are vital to your daily operation and we understand that new software needs to integrate effectively. Connect is designed to fit into your daily workflow as smoothly as possible. Integration with many popular systems is already built-in. These include Sage CRM, Sage50, Omni Ledger, Civica and many more. Need Connect to integrate with a different system? No problem! Our development team can make that happen for you too. 

Keeping your data safe 

Telecetera take data security extremely seriously.  

In fact we were recently awarded with our Cyber Essentials certificate. We renew every year, no matter the requirements. The certification has got more difficult and more involved over the years, but we view this as an essential certification to demonstrate to our partners that their data is safe and secure with us. One less thing for you to worry about in your busy day. 

Everything at your fingertips 

The Connect workspace diary gives you incredibly powerful information, ensuring you are always in the loop and on top of who is doing what job and where they are. You can clearly see the status of a job, how long it took to travel to the job, what the travel cost was, how long it took to complete the job, and much more.  

The benefits 

Adopting the Connect system will provide a whole host of benefits, let’s explore two of the biggest and most important. 

Time saving: Professionals like yourself always need more time. Whilst we can’t put more hours in the day, we can certainly help you work more efficiently. Use the intelligent tools that are part of Connect and quickly and easily identify the key pieces of information you need, and direct the right team member to the right job at the right time. All completed quickly and efficiently inside Connect. 

Carbon footprint: As responsible business professionals we are all looking for ways to do our bit. Balancing the need to run our businesses effectively but also doing what we can to reduce our impact on the environment can be tricky. The good news is Connect is a rare opportunity to improve in both areas. Improve the efficiency of your operation, and also reduce unnecessary travel and fuel usage, less expense on fuel, and less CO2 emitted by your team.  

Our team are on hand to assist you in improving efficiencies and implementing the Connect system for you, so get in touch to find out more today, and make your job a little bit easier. 

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