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Mobile Workforce Management: Social Housing

social housing
social housing

How is Connect better than other solutions?

Connect is designed to provide your mobile workforce with the exact tools to track jobs and provide all the information that they need while working on a site. Compared to static solutions, with Connect you are able to create your own templates for specific scenarios/cases, this means that Connect can adapt with your workforce as the situation requires.

How does it integrate?

We provide custom integrations to your existing systems, this means that we can pull data from services such as Civica CX to create and update jobs. This makes moving to Connect as seamless as possible and ensures that your workforce can act on jobs as soon as possible.

What do our social housing customers think?

“We decided to invest in the Connect Gas servicing module to make efficiencies in our gas servicing process. We are now doing more jobs per day. Instead of carrying out five, we are now carrying out seven and we are aiming for eight. All the certificates are in an electronic format and all the communication with our customers is tracked. It gives me, as director, a real sense of security for our customers.” Mike Craggs – Bromford

What can we do to help?

We at Telecetera have Connect, our mobile workforce solution which has been built and has had constant feedback from our customers from a wide verity of sectors to ensure that we can help everyone get the most out of their mobile workforce.

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Interested in Connect?

If you are interested, please contact us so we can find out more about your end to end processes and your requirements. When we have confirmed your needs we can arrange an online demonstration. In the meantime visit our socials, Twitter & LinkedIn.

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