Efficient Mobile Workforce Management Solution.

It has never been easier to try a Mobile Workforce Management solution!

If you have teams on the road, manage jobs and work schedules and would like to try a different way of working, then we can help.

Connect is easy to use – and extremely easy to set up. We do it for you.

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Connect gives you visibility and control of cost. Here are some examples of how a mobile workforce management solution can help you:


  • Reduced travel costs
  • Improved scheduling & routing
  • Control of van stock and supplier orders
  • Realtime view of all activiy
  • Improved cashflow
  • Removes the need for spreadsheets!
  • Integrates to back office systems

Below is an overview of the Connect modules for you to choose from.

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On Premise


Connect  – an Integrated Solution


Intelligent scheduling

Our powerful scheduling engine will help you to get the right engineer, with the right skills and materials, at the correct time to that appointment.


Working with Google Maps opens up the world! With Connect you can plan your workload to reduce the time spent on the road.


Easily manage all your maintenance visits and keep a tight control over your contracts with efficient capacity planning. Links into Routing


Schedule and control complex jobs in the Projects module. You can group jobs and teams together and keep tight control of costs and materials.

servicing & assets

If you are juggling multiple  spreadsheets, struggling to keep all asset data in sync and managing timelines – then this is for you!


This module helps you manage the complete Voids process from tasking up the Voids pre-inspection through to viewing and post inspection.


PPM & routing

Manage all your Preventative and Planned Maintenance contracts with Connect’s capacity planning. Includes scheduling and routing nationwide of varying job types and skillsets.


Allows you to have a clear and accurate view of what stock has been used for which job – and at what cost. Includes easy to use stock take.

purchase ordering

Easily manage Suppliers and Contractors. Connect helps you keep control of all service codes and costs for jobs


How much did that job cost? With Connect you can control your invoicing  based on real time data. Also includes QS function

document library

Give your mobile teams instant and unlimited access to the latest manuals, risk assessments and method statements to help them do their jobs right first time.

daily records

Still spending hours chasing time  sheets and pouring over illegible scrawls? Let Connect be your time clock and scrap manual timesheets.


Connect interface to multiple backoffice systems and databases. Here are just some examples: Verisae, Sage, Orchard, Keystone, ROCC, Pyramid, MS Dynamics, MIS…

protect-lone worker

Make sure you protect your workforce.  Connect includes Panic button as standard with GPS tracking. For more advanced protection – use Connect Protect

Data Analyser – reports

Our versatile reporting tool where you can set up your favourite reports and keep on top of the numbers.

template editor

It’s easy to update the forms in Connect. Create surveys, inspections, sales appointments, H & S checks – whatever you need in order to run the business more efficiently